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Usually, the daily events of keep us so busy it’s hard to keep up with the “Big Picture”. By the time something makes it to the front page, the radio, or hashtag, things may already–in fact probably—have reached a critical state that has the power to reach into your daily life.

The Word is out!

We have a crisis of immense, immediate proportions in Climate Change and our time is running out!

Greta Thunberg

One of our leading progressive thinkers, linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky has recently written that for years, he has begun every class he teaches by asking one existential question: Are they going to decide that organized human society should survive? because in two generations—perhaps sooner, if climate collapse feedback loops continue to speed up—it will collapse under the impacts of climate stress.

Chomsky shows how deliberate disinformation by corporations, their controlled media, governments and malign actors have worked to sustain our bubble of “oh, things will be fine, who knows if it’s even real?” A crime against humanity of global proportions has been deliberately perpetrated to keep,whole populations unwilling to consider the mounting evidence of climate disaster.

Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Or—maybe a little dramatic, even.

Well, it’s not. the United Nations report on climate makes it clear that we have a few scant years (until 2030, if we are luck) to undergo massive change, to conserve as much of the Earth’s systems as we can if we would like to see humanity survive in a way we might recognize. The Paris Climate Accords are not going to be enough.

We need to do more, and start now—and that’s where those who work with girls come in. Chomsky advises everyone to discuss climate change all the time every day: that’s what it will take to,shake us into action. Educators and leaders of groups are natural persons to take charge in this area! Treepeople, an ecological activist group hailing from Los Angeles has resources for EcoGroups on their website that you can use to start a girl’s experiential program of falling in love with the Earth, and working as one of her saviors!

“Green Girls” would be a great way to grow the next generation into the tree-loving, species-rescuing Wise Woman we are going to need, so,check out some options. It’s already happening…

Girls Are Leading On Climate Change: Read the Article Here!

Rescued Elephants
Women make Coverings for Rescued Elephants at a Sanctuary in India
Assyrian Tree of Life
Bronze Age Assyrian Tree of Life

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