GIRLS HEALTH: Get Happy with Your Body!

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Sometimes, nothing can make you feel worse than looking at the mirror.  Society has high standards for all its females, but someone whose body is in the process of changing (puberty) or worse, not changing, to meet the standards of hypothetical beauty can scorch away any self esteem.

So, if you worry about how much you eat, how tall or how short you are, or how much you don’t look like your favorite Instagram Filter, you may not be seeing yourself as you really are.  This is called ‘body dysmorphia”, and means you have been harrassed with so many ads telling you how to be more beautiful, that you have been blinded to the realistic standards of ‘womanhood’: a woman or girl is perfectly fine just as she is!!  Just look at the difference that would make in typical magazine covers aimed at teens:


Beauty ‘Influencers’ have a lot to answer for!  Actress Jameela Jamil of The Good Place has taken up the standard to bring others girls and women to a healthier relationship with their body.  She is absolutely determined to call out advertisers who air-brush their models into looking like a plastic, flawless version of themselves, thin, glossy, and a alluring (supposedly). Her initiative on Instagram, @i_weigh has over 400K followers, where women and girls share what they value about themselves, not their weight.  



Instead of fearing food, she invites you to enjoy your life instead, once you clear your unconscious of all the negative messages you’ve been sent about female bodies.  Learn about Jameela’s struggle and why she BELIEVES that every body DESERVES TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL!  137-jameela-jamil-1354204091

Read her story inVogue, Jameela Jamil fights Unrealistic Beauty Standards, and learn to be your own star!

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