COOPER, Anna Julia – African American Slave Received Doctorate from Sorbonne for Her Work on Race

COOPER, Anna Julia – Did you know this woman, born into to slavery, was one of the first leaders in analyses of the ethics of slavery? Read about her on GLOBAL SOCIAL THEORY — Read on

WOMEN New Photograph of a Young Harriet “Moses” Tubman Shared by the Smithsonian Institution

Taken around 1868 and found in an album kept by a comrade Abolitionist, Tubman is seen here in youthful middle-age (perhaps early 40s), showing a calm strength and self-possessed manner. Other extant photographs show her as an old and frail woman; in this new photo, she radiates power and purpose. See her here:


  We are all aware that women's participation in great historical movements is routinely lessened, disappeared, and forgotten. Read about Black women In The Civil Rights Movement of the last century below to remember our sisters who changed a piece of our world! Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement